by Clark Groome

‘Tis the week before Christmas, Chanukah’s done,

Good time to connect with those making life fun.

Our athletes and coaches and owners and others

Are deserving of greetings, like sisters and brothers.

So smiles to all and to all much affection

Who help our sports teams strive for perfection.

Congrats to the Sheros, kin of Freddy the Fog,

Whose two Stanley Cups left Philly agog.

Bravo to the coach, now in the Hall of Fame,

A much richer place since including his name.

Welcome and peace to several new faces

Whose presence our town now thankfully graces:

Chip Kelly, Nick Foles, Brett Brown and Steve Mason

Are newbies who bad mem’ries are erasin’.

To “Ryno” Sandberg, the Phillies new field boss,

Good wishes next season, and nary a loss!

Flyers’ vet Craig Berube, now the team’s “Chief,”

Thanks for your passion and for your belief

That your task, along with assistant Lappy,

Is to keep your team fast, smart and, yes, scrappy.

Good wishes galore – and a wry, witty wink –

To injured Chris Pronger: Get back in the pink!

Roy Halliday’s back will prevent him from playing

But blessed we’ve been to have him here; just saying.

Don’t forget to wish the reporters and such

Happiness and thanks for informing so much.

The press boxes are home to this rowdy troupe

And the people who tend them are a talented group.

They deserve a rich holiday season, they do,

‘Cause lacking their kindness we’d be in a stew.

Smiles to the Phillies and Flyers PR folk,

The best that there is, and that isn’t a joke.

Charlie Manuel and others have left their old nest

But deserve our good wishes; they’re among the best.

Remember to salute classy Danny Briere

Without whom the Center seems just a tad bare.

Joy to Paul Hagen and Baseball’s Hall of Fame

And others therein too numerous to name.

To the Montgomerys: David and, of course, Lyn,

Give thanks to them both each time the Phils win.

Real 1060 fans give tinsel and holly

To the sportscasters, all very jolly.

To Ron Corbin. Ed Benkin and Leon, Matt

And Harry Donohue – a tip of the hat.

Alas kindly readers we’re missing one voice

That’s Tom Maloney’s, retiring his choice.

A round of applause for the great Lauren Hart

Whose anthems and “God Bless” are truly high art.

The athletes at Temple have had a tough year

So raise all your voices to give a big cheer

Especially to those whose sports have been cut

Which has hit them, no doubt, like a punch in the gut.

The Big Five in hoops is part of the story

The City Six, with Drexel, hopes for glory.

To all the athletes and coaches and others

Who bring much pride to their fathers and mothers

Continue to strive and keep it in gear;

Move forward with pride and without any fear.

The hope for all is that Santa’s big sleigh

Will bring joy and success every day.

So blessings to you and to those you hold dear.

And may happiness abound in the New Year.