Restaurant peace?

Your review of Brittingham’s re-opening of their long-established restaurant (“New Brittingham’s: great food but a supersonic din,” Dec. 5) brought to mind three recent experiences in restaurants. In each case, the food was over the top, the service was excellent, but the noise level was such that I could not hear people at the table.

It ruined the experience for me, especially since I was with business people and prospects whom I wanted to talk to and hear what they had to say. I hope Brittingham’s and other places hear you and take a cue from the Amtrak, SEPTA and NJ Transit trains; they all have quiet cars, and so should restaurants have sections that are away from the noise.

Dorothy Nickelson

Chestnut Hill

‘Furever’ homes

I would like to thank Len Lear and The Local for their support in helping me find homes for the many terrific rescue cats whose adoption photos are publicized when space allows. Many cats have found great “furever” homes with the wonderful people of Chestnut Hill who have opened their hearts and homes to these cats.

I would be remiss if I did not thank the greater Chestnut Hill community, from Bone Appetite and Bowman Properties, which have allowed us to host adoption events, to the Cat Clinic, which has graciously referred calls and clients, and to every business that allows us to post flyers advertising the many fabulous cats and kittens dreaming of a “furever” home and a warm lap to call their own. I encourage every reader to go to and consider adopting or fostering a rescue cat in the new year. Wishing a kind and safe new year to all.

Brenda Malinics

Brenda’s Cat Rescue