by Sam Loth – Fund Drive Committee Member

To those of you who are back with family and loved ones for the Thanksgiving Holiday – welcome home. To those of you who are here year-round, this is a great time of year to be in this place isn’t it.

It’s wonderful to be in Chestnut Hill where the Avenue is already starting to sparkle, greens are in place at our corners, shops have begun revealing their seasonal (some say magical) window designs, and the bars and bistros are filling up with revelry. I call it the “Currier & Ives” effect. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but being in Chestnut Hill just feels special as it felt when we were all children and filled with wonder.

Truth is you can put your finger on it. Professionals and volunteers alike know why Chestnut Hill feels so good. It’s our narrow streets, our green canopy, the Avenue surrounded by residential neighborhoods and a great transit infrastructure that makes the foundation of our wonderful “house.”

It’s the events programming, research and marketing and physical mending that organizations like the Chestnut Hill Community Association, the Business Association, the BID, the Parking Foundation, the Historical Society, the local churches and many, many other volunteer-driven groups that year-round build the bricks and mortar of our “house.” This is why our neighborhood feels special.

Once each year the Chestnut Hill Community Fund gently reminds you all that our traditional Currier & Ives neighborhood requires your financial help. All these organizations and volunteers work at it every day so that you can have the quality of life you’ve come to expect. Help us to help you. Make a contribution to the CHCF by calling Noreen at 215-248-8810 OR mail a donation to CHCF at 8434 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia 19118.

If you are so inclined, the online contact is, where you will find a format for giving, whether you are a member or not. We are all grateful for being here in Chestnut Hill at this time of year. You can thank these terrific organizations, their volunteers and the many nonprofits that make your world special with a donation to keep your neighborhood great. Thank you.

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