'The Sun Shines Bright'

‘Tuesday Nights at the Movies’ continues its 40th season on Nov. 26 with the screening of the 1953 film, ‘The Sun Shines Bright.’

Set in late 19th Century Kentucky, the film follows an old judge named William Priest on a comedic exploration of honor and small-town, Southern politics.

Directed by John Ford, ‘The Sun Shines Bright’ stars Charles Winninger, Arleen Whelan, John Russell and Stepin Fetchit. Ford, who adapted the film from a series of short stories by Irvin S. Cobb, named it his personal favorite in his body of work.

The movie begins at 7 p.m. at Woodmere Art Museum. Doors open at 6:30. Admission is free, although donations are recommended.

For more information please call 215-247-0476. To see a list of the films being screened by The Chestnut Hill Film Group, visit armcinema25.com/chestnut-hill-film-group.

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