On Oct. 29, The Chestnut Hill Film Group will screen the 1962 film ‘Hands of a Stranger’ as part of their 40th season of ‘Tuesday Nights at the Movies.’

Adapted from the 1920 novel ‘The Hands of Orlac’ by Maurice Renard, the film follows a world famous concert pianist whose hands are tragically destroyed in a traffic accident. A genius but demented doctor successfully transplants a set of new hands onto him in an experimental procedure, but it turns out the hands once belonged to a murder victim. The hands begin to take on a mind of their own, which leads the pianist to believe the original owner is trying to avenge his death from beyond the grave. He slowly descends into madness as the hands plague his mind with increasing thoughts of revenge and violence.

Directed by Newt Arnold, the film stars James Stapleton as the famous pianist, Vernon Paris, and Paul Lukather as Dr. Gil Harding. The film also marks an early appearance of Sally Kellerman.

The movie begins at 7 p.m. at Woodmere Art Museum. Doors open at 6:30. Admission is free, although donations are recommended.

For more information please call 215-247-0476. To see a list of the films being screened by The Chestnut Hill Film Group, visit armcinema25.com/chestnut-hill-film-group.

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