Another ticket for Hill visitor

I am a neighbor from the ‘burbs, up the Pike a bit from your lovely area. Yesterday, I met several friends, one formerly from the Hill, for lunch. We enjoyed a delightful time at McNally’s.

I do visit the Hill. Guess not as much as I should. Before I return I must learn more about the rules of the “parking lots.” As I recall, there are several areas for parking, each with a colorful kiosk for the attendant. Can’t remember exactly when I used the lot behind the bank. Nothing exchanged with the attendant except pleasant words. I parked and then left after the completion of my errands.

Yesterday was another story. I used the lot near Hilltop Road. I looked around but did not find a clue as to how to pay for parking. When I returned to my car, it was adorned with a $26 city parking ticket. My first reaction was to appeal. Then I realized I could have been totally in the wrong. The merchant stickers were never a problem. Ignorance is. It can get you fined. Please let me know the current rules for using the parking lots.

Dorothy McKelvey

Fort Washington


Let us entertain you with activities

The Chestnut Hill Center for Enrichment has a full schedule of classes to teach new skills and programs to impart information-that-is-good-for-you. And we are justifiably proud of the wide array of activities our Center offers adults throughout northwest Philadelphia and the neighborhoods of eastern Montgomery County.

The CHCE would also like to become “games central” for those of you who enjoy classic card and board games: pinochle, chess, backgammon, canasta. We have all the necessary cards, boards and other “tools of the trade” for these games and more. There is already a small group who meet on Friday mornings to play Scrabble, but they would welcome more competition.

The game of Mah Jongg has made a dramatic comeback lately, so the Center invested in one 166-tile American/Western Mah Jongg set for a new and dedicated Wednesday morning group who are begging for more players (all you’ll need is your own 2013 card).

The Center’s Wednesday and Thursday afternoon Bridge games are legendary; and we would like to see all these other games develop in the same way. Players of all skill levels will always be welcome. Instruction is not being offered on game days, but the CHCE is happy to connect you with some very good instructors.

Research is showing that these games in particular provide socialization and brain training which in turn enrich and lengthen the lives of those of us who are 50 and older.

Have questions? Want to make a suggestion? Simply call the Center for Enrichment office (215-248-0180) or send an email (

Mary Zell

Chestnut Hill Center for Enrichment