The Chestnut Hill Community Fund has announced the kickoff of its 2014 Community Fund Drive. As honorary co-chairs of this drive, we are appealing to all those who care about our community to support this endeavor as generously as possible. Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 and to increase participation to 600 donors.

The funds raised in this campaign are distributed through grants to the many tax-exempt organizations that make Chestnut Hill and its neighboring communities such a vital, interesting and welcoming place to live. These organizations enrich the lives of citizens in Chestnut Hill, Mt. Airy, and surrounding communities.

Major grants are given for the Pastorius Park Concerts, Teenagers Inc., the Center for Enrichment, Meals on Wheels, Mt. Airy Learning Tree, and for maintenance of our pocket parks, train stations and the Germantown Avenue corridor. Many smaller grants are given to other groups providing important services in the areas of human services, cultural enrichment, education and physical beautification.

In 2007, Forbes Magazine listed Chestnut Hill as one of the seven best urban neighborhoods in the United States. We have much to be proud of, and our support is key to our continuing success.

In the next few weeks, the CHCF will be sending solicitation letters to Chestnut Hill Community Association members and to previous donors. These potential donors, however, are not the only beneficiaries of our grantees. We ask that everyone who lives in or near Chestnut Hill contribute to this cause. Chestnut Hill is only the hub of our area. The spokes reach out to many surrounding communities to complete the wheel.

Please join us in enthusiastically supporting our fund drive. Together, our gifts – regardless of the size – will have a tremendous impact. Clearly, we have much to celebrate, including the constant generosity and vision of our many donors and friends. Your gifts help to make possible everything we do.

Tolis Vardakis

Linda C. Littlejohn

Honorary co-chairs,

Chestnut Hill Community Fund Drive

To make a tax-deductible donation to the Chestnut Hill Community Fund, visit or send it to CHCF, Town Hall at 8434 Germantown Avenue

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