Thanks to all for Pastorius efforts

Our 65th Pastorius Park concert season came to an end on July 31. Now our stage has been taken down and is back in storage until next year. Although the weather was far from kind to us, we had a fabulous season and heard some great music in the park!

Thank you to my co-chair Neil Scheinin, Steve Pearson (our master of ceremonies), and all the hard working volunteers without whom our concert series would not happen: Adam Kaluzshner, Aiden Robinson, Art Howe, Barbara Bloom, Bob Rossman, Denise Chapline, Dylan Evans, Friends of Pastorius Park, Gerald Tracy, Jake Lamay, Jay Valinis, Jean Wedgwood, Kathy Gannon, Kathy O’Boyle, Kristina Sullivan, Laura DeMello, Lisa Howe, Maria Vecchiolli, Marianne Dwyer and our friends at Teens Inc., Mike Chomentowski, Pat Coyle, Steve Feistel, and Tom Cullen. Also Noreen Spota and Celeste Hardester from the Chestnut Hill Community Association.

Thank you to our sponsors – we really appreciate your generous support of our concert series: Chestnut Hill Hospital, Chestnut Hill Community Fund and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. Many thanks also to the local businesses who supported us: Chestnut Hill News Stand, Dwyer Heating, Kilian Hardware, Mango, Nolan Painting, Trolley Car Diner, Valley Green Bank and Weavers Way Coop; again, we appreciate your support.

We hope you all enjoyed our 65th Pastorius Park concert season. Here’s looking forward to 2014 and our 66th season in Pastorius Park. Its never too soon to think about volunteering. If you’d like to help with next years concert series contact me at

Julie Byrne

Co-organizer Pastorius Park Concert Series; VP Social Division,

Chestnut Hill Community Association


Where is response to child’s beating?

Now that the intensity and furor over the George Zimmerman verdict has somewhat abated, perhaps now is the time to return to editor Pete Mazzaccaro’s wise suggestion that we in this community and this country begin to have a candid, honest and, no doubt, controversial discussion about race.

I could not agree more.

Mazzaccaro joins many other leaders, both locally and nationally, including our own Mayor Michael Nutter and Bill Cosby, in calling for such a long-overdue conversation.

And with this in mind, I ask your readers, where are all the self-appointed civil rights leaders and celebrities who remain silent after the savage, vicious and unprovoked beating of a sixth grade white student on a school bus in Florida by three older black teenagers? The beating was captured on the bus and quickly went viral on the Internet. The attack left this boy with a broken arm and severe facial injuries, requiring hospitalization.

Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jesse Jackson? Neither one has spoken publicly about this brutal, heinous attack. Where is the NAACP? Where is the liberal media? Where are all the Hollywood celebrities who are always so quick to offer their opinions before knowing the facts?

The silence is deafening. The hypocrisy is sickening.

I am still waiting for the much-needed conversation to begin.

Sharon Reiss Esq.

Mt. Airy


Amazing response time by Streets Dept.

I wanted to share my experience with Philly 311 and encourage Philadelphia residents to make use of this great tool.

I logged a street light outage via the Philly 311 web site in the morning on Aug. 7. That evening a Streets Department worker arrived and fixed the light. That is less than a 24 hour turn around! It is not often that I have complimentary things to say about Philadelphia government, but I’ve got to say – my expectations were really exceeded in this case.

You can report street light outages, abandoned cars, vacant lots and any number of other items on this site, ,and you receive regular status updates on your submission via email. All you need is an internet connection (

Julia Sawabini

Chestnut Hill


To the parking foundation

Dear Chestnut Hill Parking Arse-sociation, Kiosk my arse!

Kate Ferry


  • d_weller

    Unfortunately, Sharon, the Race Card may be played by a limited number of folks, and the beaten child in question does not qualify.

    If only he was a billionaire black woman.

    Take poor Oprah.

    I can just imagine her mind flashing on the terrible times endured by (some) of her Antebellum forebears as she was being dissed out of that $37,000 purse.

    But thank heaven the richest black woman in America was still able to play the Race Card!
    And then talk, and talk, and talk about it!

    As you might know, there are schools of thought that maintain racism to be uni-directional, and only inherent in those who have power. This is the baseline setting of many of those interested in “a conversation on race” – a conversation that has not, and will never resolve anything.

    It’s time for a bold move!
    At this point, reparation payments are looking pretty darned good.

    Just imagine if generous reparations marked “Paid In Full” had been enacted back in the ’60s; five decades’ worth of failed, but hideously expensive social engineering programs would never have seen the light of day!

    So let’s come up with some sort of genetic calculus, and establish a dollar figure for work done 150 years ago, and then just make the payments.

    It’s going to cost a hell of a lot, and it’ll be mad-crazy for a few years, but then there will be no more race cards to play, and no more pointless & stupid “conversations” to have to endure.

    To quote from “The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre”:

    American in Tampico in white suit:
    This is the very last you get from me. Just to make sure you don’t forget your promise, here’s another peso.

    Fred C. Dobbs:
    Thanks, mister. Thanks.

    American in Tampico in white suit:
    But from now on, you’ll have to make your way through life without my assistance.

  • Horace Steenblatter

    What sort of arrogant goof uses Esq. signing a letter to the editor. Oh, probably the same goof who equates a broken arm with a murder.

  • Dave L


    You claim to want to have a “candid, honest and, no doubt, controversial discussion about race.” Yet all I hear is a one-sided Fox style rant attacking people because they have positions different from you. Why no anger toward the Rush Limbaughs and their 1-sided positions?
    And as Horace astutely points out to you… a broken arm is not the same thing as murder!