Louise “Gina” Hart, 93, formerly of Chestnut Hill, a nurse and volunteer, died July 16 in Tulsa, Okla.

Mrs. Hart had been a nurse at Chestnut Hill Hospital for many years and had served on the faculty of the hospital’s former school of nursing.

Her love of horticulture led her to volunteer at the Morris Arboretum, where she had been a tour guide and chair of the Guides Council. She carefully nurtured the rock wall in the arboretum’s rose garden until her move to Fairview, Okla., in 2005.

Born in Dudley, a small mining town in western Pennsylvania, Mrs. Hart moved to Chestnut Hill. She was a graduate of the Chestnut Hospital School of Nursing and the University of Pennsylvania, receiving a a bachelor of science in nursing. She later received a master’s degree in nursing.

She is survived by daughters Lisa Parker, of Tulsa, and Annie Hart, of Chestnut Hill; a sister Pauline, of Allentown, and three granddaughters. Mrs. Hart’s husband, Charles “Chick” Hart, a former golf professional at the Chestnut Hill Cricket Club; sisters Helen, Mary and Rose, and a brother, Pat, preceded her in death.

A memorial service will be held at the Morris Arboretum in September.

Memorial donations may be made to the Morris Arboretum in memory of Gina Hart, attn. Victoria Sicks, 100 E. Northwestern Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19118. In recognition of Mrs. Hart’s years as a volunteer guide and chair of the Guides Council, all gifts will be added to the Children’s Education Endowment.