In appreciation of the Fairwold Questers’ support for the restoration of Springfield Mills, the Morris Arboretum invited the Questers to hold their June meeting at the Arboretum.

Fairwold Questers donations have helped to restore windows and one of the doors, the foot bridge over the old turbine, and to redress and restore the original millstones from France.

They are looking forward to their next project which will be to restore the mill stones to working condition to grind grain. The Questers are grateful to Morris Arboretum for its help with publicity and contributions to Fairwold’s fund raiser.

At the June meeting, Bob Gutowski, director of public programs (and historian) at Morris Arboretum gave a talk and slide presentation about the history of Morris Arboretum and the Mill. The Mill was purchased by John Morris in 1913 as part of Bloomfield Farm. John and Lydia Morris developed plans for the farm to become an educational and research institution. Tours of the mill are currently being offered by request, and are free to Questers.

The Mill is currently undergoing restoration with the help of donations and volunteers. Fairwold Questers have helped to clean the Mill before tours, made a scarecrow of a miller, researched and made flour sacks and applied for and received state grants for their projects.

They invite other chapters of the Questers to join them in supporting this historic site, Springfield Mills. For more information, contact Helen Tynan at

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