CHMOW thanks sponsors of Tailgate Party

On behalf of Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels, we want to thank the many members of our community who helped make CHMOW’s third annual Tailgate and Silent Auction Party such a rousing success last Thursday.

Your support of our event will help CHMOW deliver delicious, freshly-prepared meals and personal connections to more of our elderly and homebound neighbors and will help enable them to stay in the homes and community they love.

We are particularly grateful for the bedrock support of our generous sponsors – Glanzmann Subaru, Chestnut Hill Hospital, Rubicon Wealth Management, the John Kennedy Dealerships, Valley Green Bank, Wilkie Lexus, Chesheim Dental Associates, Indigo Schuy, Campbell’s Place, Comcast Video Business Unit, BQ Basements, Compass North Realty, Tim Tirendi/iHelp and the Brunettes’ Bakery Bookshop.

We also want to thank the many local businesses that donated items to be used as prizes for our auction, raffle and games and the many people who came out to Flourtown Country Club on Thursday and made Tailgate such a fun party and successful night for CHMOW.

Finally, we want to thank our fabulous team of Tailgate volunteers who worked tirelessly and creatively for the last several months for the benefit of CHMOW and our clients. Please visit for a full listing of the donors and volunteers who contributed to Tailgate so generously.

While you are there, please let us know if you are interested in volunteering for CHMOW or if you know someone who is in need of our meal service. Thank you all for joining our team in the fight against senior hunger. Game on!

Kathleen Novasack and Nancy Oliphant Ryan


If it’s good enough for Uncle Zebby

Hmm … I could get my driver’s license at 16, drive a semi by 18, get married and become a papa whenever I please. I could raise a family by my 20’s, get any job or start any career, as long as I had the ability. To fight for my country’s freedom and liberty, I’d only have to be 18.

But now, people want to prohibit what I can do. To mess with any tobacco products, you’d have to be 21! I guess smoking is a little bit is more dangerous than anything I’ve already mentioned!

Hmm … it looks like I should call up my Uncle Zebby, he can tell you about smoking and chewing. He’s been at it since he was 14. At this point, quitting would probably be bad for his health. Oh, and let me remind you, he just turned 111! Let me tell you one more thing about my Uncle Zebby, I heard he is training for the broad jump in those Penn Relays.

Tom Woodruff

Oreland, Pa


A boost in winter

I loved The Depot when I lived in Chestnut Hill and celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary there with my family in 1963.

My greatest memory was coming home from work in center city during a dreadful snow storm. Arriving at the top of the Hill I trudged through the deep snow inching my way to The Depot and praying the door would be open.

Our good friend Buff was there, and although the restaurant was not officially opened yet, he welcomed me. He brought me a shot, and although I do not drink, my blood began to warm up. I still had to trudge down the Hill to my apartment, but the boost had warmed me and I was so grateful.

Ruth H. Stehle

(I will be 97 May 7th.)



Another awesome Weird Waste Day 

On Saturday, April 20, community members and businesses came to Norwood-Fontbonne Academy to recycle their “weird waste.” We collected over 14,000 pounds of computers, TVs, peripherals, and other electronic waste that will be responsibly recycled rather than ending up in a landfill or being sent to a developing nation.

In the past several years we have collected over 57 tons of electronic waste!

We would like to thank the following people who helped make this event, organized by Green in Chestnut Hill (GRinCH), such an amazing success: Norwood-Fontbonne Academy for donating the use of their driveway, eForce Compliance ( for their responsible recycling services, our volunteers, and especially all of the community members and businesses who came to recycle their electronic waste. Virtually everyone also made a donation toward our Green Warrior Student Grant Program. Thank you!

Amy Edelman, GRinCH President on behalf of the GRinCH Board of Governors