Blessed to live in Chestnut Hill

A couple of weeks ago I had a terrible fall on the cement in the 200 block of E. Willow Grove Avenue.

It is a busy street and it was especially busy that Saturday afternoon.

I am so grateful to the many persons walking and driving by who stopped to lend a hand. A young lady (Sherry) came to my aid – called family and 911. A young man who parked his car and ran home to get water. A good friend (Donna Howley) driving homewho stopped and stayed with me until the fire company came to take me to the hospital.

I am so blessed to live in a community that still believes in neighboring love and concern.

Jane Dougherty

Chestnut Hill

‘Amazing coverage’

I grabbed six copies of the CH Local today. Just wanted to thank you so much for your amazing coverage of me, my blog and the book signing (“I Just Want to Pee Alone”). I already sent an email to Steve Ahern thanking him for the wonderful article he wrote.

It was a pleasure working with you. I feel lucky to live where we do, where the sense of community and support is practically tangible!

Thanks again!

Bethany A. Meyer

Chestnut Hill

2013 Volunteer Day At Fort Washington State Park

Thank you all so much for taking the time to volunteer at Fort Washington State Park this spring. After a cold and rainy Friday, we were blessed with warm, sunny weather for our Annual Volunteer Day. A tremendous amount of work was accomplished by 200 energetic volunteers, all with an enthusiastic “What can I do?” attitude. The help the park receives is greatly appreciated and your efforts help ensure the park’s sustainability for future generations.

Huge quantities of leaves and branches were removed from picnic areas and roadsides. Fresh mulch was added to the park’s playground and new soil was spread on the ball field. The flower gardens throughout the park were cleaned out and readied for the growing season. Picnic tables were tightened, and tree tubes were secured or replaced. Vines were cut, volleyball courts were raked, and trash was removed from creek areas. Everyone enjoyed the delicious snacks and picnic lunch donated by local merchants.

We thank you again for helping to revitalize YOUR Park. We hope you will volunteer again next spring and will enjoy the park throughout the year.


Eric Ihlein, Park Manager

Fort Washington State Park

Dick Flavell, President

Friends of Fort Washington

Marylea Klauder,

Friends of Fort Washington,

Volunteer Coordinator