by 2012-2013 Fund Drive Co-Chairs Bob Fles & Laura Lucas

One of the great things about this area is having an active base of caring community members. Thank you to all who made donations large and small in our recent fund drive. Thanks to your generosity, many worthwhile organizations and Chestnut Hill Community Association programs will be able to fulfill their missions for improving the quality of life in Chestnut Hill and its environs.

This year’s fund drive netted $84,600 from 519 donors. While it fell short of its $100,000 goal, there were a number of positive trends. Sixty-four new friends of Chestnut Hill made donations. Twenty-six made donations of $500 or more. We’d love to hear from both of these groups as we look to make our fund drive even more successful.

As for next year, we hope that everyone sees that every donation counts. There are many dedicated groups that will see their funding cut partially or entirely. Getting invested in these groups’ visions for our community has been one of the hardest parts of leading this year’s fund drive. We spent many hours this year with worthy groups seeking funding. We heard from:

• Neighbors who have worked to upgrade train stations’ landscaping into crown jewels with local muscle and oversight

• Neighbors who maintain the Water Tower grounds to keep the baseball fields green and lighted for young and old ball players learning life’s lessons

• Organizations who fill the financial gap and contribute valuable time and resources that support our aging populations

• CHCA volunteers and the business district who work to provide old and new programming for families, new folks to the neighborhood, and other friends of Chestnut Hill

• Artists who create music in our churches that inspires the soul, art that warms our heart and, overall, cultivates the vision of Chestnut Hill at its cultural best

We’re in the process of finalizing our recommendations and informing our grant requesters that the fund drive results are down. Results should be announced at the May CHCA Board meeting.

So what can you do? While this year’s fund drive is over, there’s never an expiration on giving. We hope that many consider making a donation throughout the year. To make an “any time” donation, please visit the CHCA website at or visit the CHCA Town Hall.

To share ideas to improve giving or to get involved, email Noreen Spota at

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