Brian Reisman, owner of Hideaway Music.

by Allyson Vaughan

Since 2008, independent record stores internationally celebrate Record Store Day on the third Saturday of April each year. The idea was originally established in 2007, at a gathering of independent record store owners planning to celebrate the artists, music, and traditions revolving around their stores. On April 19, 2008, Metallica kicked off the first ever Record Store Day in San Francisco, Calif., at Rasputin Music.

Hideaway Music, 8612 Germantown Ave., will be carrying on the traditions of Record Store Day and celebrating with rare collections, giveaways, and other events right on Saturday, April 20. The store will open its doors and have special edition and one-of-a-kind records that are only available for this annual event.

According to owner Brian Reisman, independent record stores “started as a grass roots thing, but now vinyl has exploded.” Vinyl sales have been on the rise since 2007, and are continually growing in popularity.

Reisman noted that many contemporary artists even release vinyl versions when they release their own CDs. Record Store Day is meant to be a celebration of the music, the artists, and the shops that hold true to the vinyl tradition.

Reisman cited a USA Today article from January entitled “Vinyl’s Sonic Perfection Finds New Fans in Digital Age,” which pointed out that vinyl records have been up a whopping 500 percent since 2007, selling more than 4.6 million units in 2012 alone.

“Listening to records and being in an independent record store is an experience,” Reisman said. “You come in, and there’s a big turntable with some vinyl records and you actually experience the music rather than just listening.”

On top of having a plethora of new or rare records available, Hideaway Music will also screen the documentary “Last Shop Standing” at noon. The film explores how independent record shops are faring in today’s contemporary culture and describes just how passionate independent record stores are about music and artists.

Following the film, around 1 p.m., local record enthusiast Thomas Browne and his Freedom Fry Hi Fi, will be spinning his eclectic mix of rare 45 rpm discs. Expect to hear soul, Latin, garage, psych, country with crunch, and some sides that are just plain out-to-lunch.

Hideaway Music also will be having some giveaways like CD samplers, posters, and tote bags. Don’t miss out on a day full of musical experiences and tradition beginning at 10 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m. For additional information, visit

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