by Carlos Diaz

Members of the High School Board of Teenagers Inc. recently received word that they had been approved for a grant awarded by Green in Chestnut Hill (GrinCH). GRinCH is a relatively new group of concerned citizens and community members interested in furthering sustainable practices in beautiful Chestnut Hill.

On Saturday, April 20, with this money, the various members of Teenagers, Inc. plan on organizing, funding, and carrying out a green project involving the planting of native plant species and landscaping some of the more neglected floral areas at the Water Tower Recreation Center and War Memorial.

The Water Tower is definitely a hot spot for teens, whether playing ball, sledding or cleaning up. The teens have investigated native species and are collecting plastic pots on Sat., April 20, between 10 a.m.-2 a.m. for the Schuylkill Environmental Center.

This project is in honor of Earth Day, but service is nothing new to Teenagers Inc. Whether they are collecting clothing for the homeless in Camden, pet supplies for the SPCA, or renovating the Water Tower Recreation Center, they give back to the community as much, if not more, than the community gives to them.

With gloves, a rake and lots of stamina come out and join Teenagers, Inc. and the Water Tower Advisory Council on April 20 for lots of pleasurable planting and mulching and celebrate our Earth! Refreshments will be offered.

Teenagers, Inc. will continue to research water sources, neighbor input and more sustainable practices for the area. Check it out at

Carlos Diaz is a resident of Chestnut Hill and a member of Teenagers Inc.

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