The following crimes are from March 31 to April 6, 2013.

April 2. 8000 block Cherokee Street. Between 2:15 p.m. on March 20, and March 26, someone stole a Mac Book Pro Computer and a pink 13” Apple laptop computer, Ser. # C17FNBARDH 26.

April 2. 500 block Woodbrook Lane. Complainant states that between 11 a.m. and 3:10 p.m., someone gained entry to home by kicking in basement door. Person cut alarm wires and phone lines. Taken was a 45” Samsung television, diamond and gold jewelry, watches and rings, one pair of pearl earrings and money.

April 4. 8500 block Germantown Ave. Complainant states that while she was in restaurant, someone took her bag containing several credit cards and an ATM card. American Express was used at BP Oil and Walgreens for over a thousand dollars.

April 4. 7800 block Germantown Ave. Complainant states that she was at restaurant with friends when someone bumped her chair. She later went to pay for meal and discovered identification, credit cards, medical card, Pa. Driver’s license and money were missing. Offender, black female, dark complexion, wearing a long coat. Second offender, black male, 6’2” tall, dark complexion, 240 lbs., facial stubble, wearing a long coat.

April 5. 8000 block Stenton Ave. Complainant states that a known person kicked in the front door of her apartment and hit her with a closed fist, breaking her nose, knocking her to ground. Taken were identification and debit cards. Police recovered the items and found a clear baggie containing alleged marijuana from bluejeans’ front left pocket.

April 6. Unit block Tohopeka Lane. Complainant states that someone entered her home while she was sleeping and stole miscellaneous jewelry and diamonds from the couples’ bedroom. Complainant states she didn’t see or hear anything until she noticed jewelry box was missing and left in kitchen.

Summary – Six crimes for week: three burglaries and three thefts.

Town Watch.

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