Springside Chestnut Hill Academy recently received a single-year grant of $50,000 from The NASDAQ OMX Educational Foundation for the school’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL).

The CEL program, launched in September, aims to prepare students to become innovative leaders, breakthrough thinkers and imaginative problem solvers.

“As educators it is our responsibility to teach and expose students to a curriculum that challenges passive academic thinking.” said Dr. Priscilla Sands, SCH president. “We are thrilled and honored to partner with and have the support of the NASDAQ OMX Educational Foundation as they are pioneers in forward thinking education.”

The program was conceived and launched by Sands and SCH Board Chairman and CEO of Urban Outfitters Richard Hayne following years of study with leaders in higher education and business. Its curriculum is designed to give students real-life skills preparing them for the world beyond secondary education.

“As a corporate citizen, NASDAQ OMX supports young entrepreneurs who will someday become the visionaries that help drive our economy,” said Joan Conley, senior vice president and corporate secretary at the NASDAQ OMX Group.” Springside Chestnut Hill Academy will prepare innovative thinkers through its secondary school Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. We’re thrilled to partner with these students who will become our business leaders across the globe.”

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