Note: With the Chestnut Hill Fund Drive in full swing, we checked in with past grantees and their constituents about how the generosity of the community has helped them. This week, we hear from Haviva Goldman, President of the Friends of J.S. Jenks. Last year, the combined groups working to support Jenks received a $1,000 grant to support an ongoing auditorium improvement project and $3,000 for maintenance of the Children’s Park.

The Chestnut Hill Community Fund has provided generous funding to the J.S. Jenks School over the past few years, demonstrating a commitment to the school as an integral part of the Chestnut Hill community. For the past three years, the school has received funding to support a continuing auditorium improvement project – specifically the purchase and installation of a large projection screen and system.

This has allowed the school to introduce multi-media presentations into auditorium assemblies, and thus benefits the entire Jenks student body. This support has also helped provide the first step towards renewing the space into one that might be used more by the Chestnut Hill Community as a whole.

As the school and the Friends of J.S. Jenks (its new nonprofit fund-raising arm) move forward with plans for more extensive auditorium improvements, we hope that continued community support from the CHCF will help transform this space into a community hub.

There is another space at Jenks that is already a true community space: the beautiful wooden children’s playground. The Chestnut Hill Community Fund has provided many years of funding support to the Friends of the Children’s Park – a nonprofit organization that formed originally to create the playground, and works to maintain it.

On weekdays the playground provides much needed play space during student recess, and outside of school hours it provides a fun and central place for children and families to enjoy from all over Chestnut Hill and its surrounding communities.

The Chestnut Hill Community Fund provides crucial funding to local institutions and nonprofits like J.S. Jenks, helping to enhance their impact in the community, and thus strengthening the community as a whole. Please consider supporting their annual fundraising drive generously!

Haviva Goldman

President, Friends of J.S. Jenks

To make a donation to the Chestnut Hill Community Fund, visit or Town Hall at 8434 Germantown Avenue. The Fund Drive will continue through the end of March.

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