The 200 block of E. Highland Ave. was the scene of another taser robbery. (Photo by Pete Mazzaccaro)

by Pete Mazzaccaro

A young man returning home to the 200 block of E. Highland Ave. at 2 a.m. Sunday morning, March 3, was tasered, beaten and robbed.

It was the second time in less than two months that someone was attacked with a taser and robbed on that block. On Jan.14, a 32-year-old woman was dragged out of her car, beaten, tasered and robbed of $600.

According to police, the victim said he was just about to enter his house when he was approached by three young men. He was tasered and tackled to the ground. The victim said he was punched in the face, and his girlfriend was grabbed from behind.

Reported stolen were an 8gb iPod and a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit phone. The victim refused to be taken to Northwest Detectives for further interview.

  • Michael Leaming

    people need to follow up with detectives and file a report or we will have no chance to catch these people. The next victim may be one of us and they may be hurt worse than these victims were.

  • Rev

    The first two victims were ONE OF US. I was jumped, beaten and mugged in 2010 at my doorstep (which is physically on germantown avenue itself). I filed a report and was told “There is nothing we realistically do except add you to statistics” by the police.

  • mike

    why no descriptions of the attackers here or in other stories? It would help everyone else to be more cautious.

    • Rev

      I was hit from behind and was knocked out. I didn’t get a good look but I am pretty sure there was two of them and both were white.