The 2011 Design Showcase was decorated by Patricia Marion Cove Architectural Interiors and Design.

Imagine having your house redecorated – top to bottom – by a team of outstanding interior designers at no charge.

No, this isn’t a reality TV show, it’s what some lucky homeowner in Chestnut Hill, or the surrounding area, will experience if their home is selected for the Fall 2013 Designer Showcase benefiting the Chestnut Hill Center for Enrichment.

Each room in the house will reflect the talents of a top interior designer with fresh paint, new wall and window treatments, alluring furnishings and exquisite details. Even the exterior will get instant curb appeal with new landscape design. Previous designers have included Patricia Cove, Hannah Dee and Maria Hasenecz of Livable Landscapes.

“It doesn’t have to be a particularly large house, but it should be interesting and have ample parking,” said Marilyn Paucker, CHCE board president.

Because many homeowners, other than the President and First Lady, aren’t comfortable with people trooping through their house, the ideal situation is an unoccupied house that is for sale.

“Houses that had languished on the market sold very quickly once they became Designer Showcase Houses,” Paucker said. “The new owners didn’t just want the house – they wanted everything in it.

“The search is now underway for our next Designer Showcase House,” Paucker said. “Residents must be willing to allow designers to view the house several weeks this spring. Work would be done from August through September, and then opened to the viewing public at the end of September into early October. This is a great opportunity to refresh your home while helping to raise funds for CHCE.

For over 35 years, CHCE has provided recreational, educational and cultural programs for active adults over 50. The Center also provides leadership and volunteer opportunities for seniors who wish to share their expertise and talents. For more information, visit or call 215-248-0180.

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