Mrs. Davis and 1st graders: Rebekah Davis, a neo-natal nurse at CHOP, visited her daughter’s class during Career Week to talk about her career in nursing. Pictured here with Nurse Davis (center) are first graders ( from left), Caitlyn Hite, of Fort Washington, Naomi Davis, of Philadelphia, Thomas Donovan, of Mt. Airy, Jane Hohenleitner, of Wyndmoor, and James McGowan, of Chestnut Hill. (Photo by Terri Hutsell)

At Norwood-Fontbonne Academy, parents are more than just a mom and dad.

During a recent Career Week, students learned first-hand from parents, who volunteered to speak to first graders about their careers, just how important reading, writing, math, and other skills are to their future dreams.

“My hope is that these young minds will make the connection between what they learn in school and how it helps them to build a foundation for reaching their potential and realizing their dreams,” explained Lauren Pesavento, NFA first grade teacher.

Rebekah Davis, who is a neonatal Intensive Care nurse at Children’s Hospital, had just returned from a medical mission trip to Guatemala prior to her presentation to the class. Dressed in her scrubs, she pulled various items from her nurse kit, such as a stethoscope, calculator, and vein finder, explaining the use of each instrument.

“The calculator helps me determine how much medicine to give a baby based on its weight,” said Davis, a parent of a first grader at the school.

Davis said math skills are needed to weigh the baby and to calculate medicine dosage.

Executives in the financial industry and those who work in the trades, civic leadership, as well as community work, were among the various “guest speakers.” A surprise visit from Channel 6 meteorologist, Chris Sowers, generated much enthusiasm. Students learned about weather terminology and how to tell the difference between sleet and freezing rain. In addition to math and science, Chris explained that technology and communications skills are important in his job.

Thanks to volunteers, students learned how the academic skills they learn at Norwood-Fontbonne Academy will help them achieve their dreams.

“It’s never too soon for NFA children to begin thinking about what they want to be when they grow up,” said Terri Hutsell, communications manager at Norwood-Fontbonne Academy.

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