by Brie Sosnov

Chestnut Hill Hospital announced recently that it has launched a “30 Minute ER Service Pledge” to ensure that all patients are seen by a clinical professional within 30 minutes of arrival in the Emergency Room.

The hospital said it will do so not to rush patients through the emergency department, but rather to reduce the waiting period.

The pledge assures that the most critical emergencies will continue to receive top priority. The hospital pointed to its affiliation with programs provided by other area hospitals. That helps to ensure that the patients’ most urgent needs are met. Penn Heart Rescue provides rapid transport to Penn Presbyterian for emergency cardiac care and Jefferson Neuroscience Network provides rapid evaluation and transfer of patients suffering from a stroke.

In addition to the pledge, the hospital said it just added eight rooms to the new emergency department to better meet patient demand during peak times.

“We’ve launched [the Pledge] to assure patients that we are dedicated not only to offering the best quality care, but also providing that care as efficiently and quickly as possible,” said Gerald Wydro, medical director of Chestnut Hill Hospital, in the release. “I believe the pledge underlines our commitment to the people who live and work in our community.”

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