Marilyn MacGregor, far left, leads an art tour in Paris, October 2012.

Last May, when Marilyn MacGregor first offered her “Midnight in Paris” workshop at Chestnut Hill Center of Enrichment (CHCE), participants didn’t know quite what to expect. In keeping with Woody Allen’s film of the same name, MacGregor started with Paris in the Roaring 20s and each week worked her way back through time, including the Belle Epoch, French Renaissance and the Gothic era.

MacGregor’s workshop was no ordinary art history presentation of slides, accompanied by names and dates of artists – which those of us who took art history in college slept through. A professional artist and author who lived in Paris for ten years, as well as an art history instructor at Drexel University, Macgregor brings to her workshops a passion that goes beyond the usual academic fare.

“When I teach French art and culture I try to bring in a vivid sense of the fabric and texture of current places and bring them to life through my experience as well as my research and knowledge,” she said.

MacGregor relishes the opportunity to sharing her knowledge with the adults who attend CHCE workshops.

“I love teaching adults and really enjoy the people who come to classes at CHCE. Not only are adults more open and curious than full-time college students, probably because they don’t have to worry about grades, but they bring so many insights from different personal and professional areas. The atmosphere is relaxed and discussions are interesting,” MacGregor she said.

In addition to her busy schedule of teaching, writing and creating art, MacGregor recently started leading small group art tours to Paris.

For more information about her art tours, visit

MacGregor will offer a new four session lecture series called “Art at the Barnes” on Wednesdays, 2-3:30 p.m. Feb 13-March 6. Her popular 5-session “Midnight in Paris” workshop will be offered again on Tuesdays, 7-8:30 p.m., March 5 through April 2. Both workshops will be held at CHCE, 8431 Germantown Ave. To register, call 215-248-0180.

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