“Mother Earth,” by the Germantown artist.

by Debbie Lerman

In these, the darkest days of winter, a big burst of joyous color illuminates the walls and windows of the High Point Café at the Allens Lane train station where Germantown artist Urijah James, 57, has his first solo show.

“My work focuses on spiritual themes that reflect my feelings about, and hopes for, the condition of humanity,” says Mr. James, who has been making stained glass and ceramic art for over 20 years and who also creates works in painting, wood and other media.

In keeping with his themes, the work displayed in Mr. James’ show ranges from a portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. alongside John F. Kennedy to an almost mystical image of Bill Cosby and his son’s spirit. Other works depict musical groups, glasses, bottles and joyously dancing figures.

Mr. James creates custom-made stained-glass portraits, available upon request. He is also a general construction contractor, specializing in tile work.

The show is currently on display at the High Point Café, Allens Lane Train Station, 7210 Cresheim Rd., Mt. Airy, through the end of February.

For more information, contact Mr. James at 267-918-6839.