Must be a better parking solution

Recently there have been some letters regarding the parking situation in Chestnut Hill.

I went to Palladio’s to pick up a picture that my wife had framed for me. It was a Christmas gift but because of her illness she didn’t get to give it to me. Palladio’s had called to say that the picture was ready to pick up. I had pulled into the lot, which was about half full, parked the car, walked into Palladio’s and came out and found a ticket on the car. This is absurd. There has got to be a better way!

I mentioned to the parking attendant that it wasn’t surprising that the businesses were having trouble, and he said, “But it’s the businesses who wanted it done this way.” I realized that he is correct, and it is but another manifestation of how the Chestnut Hill business community is so lacking in creative ways to make the commercial aspects of Chestnut Hill successful.

George Spaeth

Chestnut Hill

  • tracy

    Stinks, but seems to me that a quarter would have prevented that. Do you need a more creative solution than putting a quarter in a little machine? I agree that there could be more creative ways for people to extend shopping and dinning out here and it too might be nice to get a “first ten minutes are free” model but since you knew the Kiosk was there and you chose to ignore it — it seems that this one is on you…

  • Claire

    “You could almost see the truncated syllogism in their heads. ‘I bought the car. Surely it comes with a parking space.'” – The Parking Lot Movie