Elya, 12, and Shayla, 7, paint their favorite fairy tale scenes.

by Zoe Gold, age 13, a Jr. High student

Kids Care is a city wide art project started by MANNA, an organization for kids and adults with HIV and WXPN. Roberts Drake, the producer of Kid’s Corner on WXPN, came up with the original idea and he coordinated it with Woodmere Art Museum and MANNA.

For the first three years it was just those organizations that the kids made art for. Around five years ago MANNA didn’t have room for the gifts anymore, so the artwork has been going to the children at St. Christopher’s Hospital. The pieces of artwork that the students make are based on a certain theme that Woodmere chooses.

Joan Fox, the Project Learn School (PLS) art and elective teacher, designs the artwork for the gifts.

“My favorite thing about Kids Care is walking into the art gallery and seeing the artwork hanging together,” Fox said. “It makes my heart sing.”

Fox also said, “I love being at a school where the teachers will stop teaching things like math, English or social studies, and just make art.”

Zoe Basset, a Jr. High student, said, “I like Kids Care because we get to do community projects, and I wish we did more of those.”

Fox and the students have loved all of the artwork over the years and are looking forward to the next Kids Care. This year’s art exhibition was held at Woodmere Art Museum from Nov. 4- Dec. 16 to honor the children and their artwork.

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