After the Nov. 29 bankruptcy filing by the Neighborhood Interfaith Movement (NIM), a group of local clergy and religious leaders gathered at Summit Presbyterian Church on Thursday, Dec. 13. More than two dozen people, including leaders of Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities, met with NIM board chair John Wright to learn more about the bankruptcy and to discuss possibilities for ongoing interfaith cooperation.

While similar monthly clergy gatherings had been coordinated by NIM in the past, the group reaffirmed its desire to meet for the sake of partnership, service and community well-being in Northwest Philadelphia. The next gathering of clergy and religious leaders will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 8 a.m. at Janes Memorial United Methodist Church, 47 E. Haines St. in Germantown.

Despite NIM’s closing, two interfaith events will still be held in January 2013 and are open to the public. First, the Heschel-King Festival on January 4 and 5 will celebrate the lives, visions and teachings of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rabbi Abraham Heschel. It takes place at Mishkan Shalom, 4101 Freeland Ave.; Second, the Germantown Jewish Centre, 400 W. Ellet St. will host an interfaith celebration on the afternoon of Sunday, Jan. 20. More details about that event will be forthcoming. For more information, contact Christ Ascension Lutheran Church’s Pastor Martin Lohrmann,

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