by Sue Ann Rybak

Thanks to the generosity of Ruth Hoskins and other Chestnut Hill residents, people struggling to put food on their table this holiday can relax. With the help of local resident, Hoskins, a psychotherapist, donated 330 lbs of food and a $150 in checks to Philabundance earlier this week. Hoskins organized the food drive as a way to give back. Last year, the Hoskins’ meditation group donated enough food to provide meals for 390 people. The service project entitled “Starseed Service of Light project” is in its second year. Hoskins said her goal is to encourage people to get involved in their communities and neighborhoods.

“As a social worker, I believe its important to advocate for people’s needs,” said Hoskins, who also volunteers as a disaster mental health worker. “People need basic nourishment and shelter.”

Hoskins said its almost impossible for people to find work or “be motivated to do anything” when they don’t know where their next meal is going to be.

“It’s really important that we pay attention to the needs of others,” Hoskins said. “Especially during these times, people are really struggling. I have been very fortunate in my life and I believe it’s a great way to give back. I think giving makes people feel good. It really is kind of self-satisfying thing to do, to open your hearts to other people.”

Hoskins hopes to continue collecting canned goods all year long. Hoskins said she is willing to pick up any canned goods people would like to donate. For more information about the food drive or to donate food email