Chuck Gupta and his wife Margot Rowley are thrilled to have their tabby cat, Curry, back after their pet disappeared for 10 weeks.

by Len Lear

Long-time Chestnut Hill residents Chuck Gupta and his wife Margot Rowley moved from their home at 8616 Seminole on Aug. 24 to Blue Bell, but their orange tabby cat named Curry, possibly upset by all the commotion from the moving man workers carrying out furniture, “refused to come with us and actually jumped out of Margot’s arms when we 
were trying to take him in our car. We are heartbroken and still miss him
 immensely,” Chuck said at the time.

The Guptas sent out an email to friends in the area which said: “Please look out 
for him. He has white fur below his mouth in the throat area. Also no
 collar. If you can get him to come inside your home, call me immediately, and 
we will come with his carrier and bring him to our new home. He has been 
sighted by some of our neighbors intermittently. Much obliged for your help.”

While the Guptas were grieving, all of September and October came and went with no Curry, but finally on Nov. 10, the new owner of the Guptas’ old house on Seminole Street wrote to the cat-deprived couple: “Curry just passed through the back yard and went into Sandy and Gail’s yard 
(3:15 p.m.). He looked healthy and was zipping through at a quick pace.”

On the following day, Chuck gleefully sent out the following email: “Curry has been found! 
Just received a phone call from Sandy (a former neighbor) a few minutes back to inform us that 
Curry is well and staying across the street from him on Rex Avenue at Joan Distel’s 
home. Joan has another cat, so she has been feeding him and has kept a warm 
blanket for him.

“Since Joan is recovering from a cold, she wants us to wait for
 a few days. Sandy has offered to call us as soon as he can put Curry in his
 cat carrier, and we will pick him up hopefully by next weekend. What a relief
 indeed!! We are just so thrilled. Will let you know when he joins us in Blue
 Bell. Can’t wait. We are so grateful to Michelle (the new owner of the Guptas’ old residence) for alerting us yesterday, 
which triggered my email to Sandy. It takes a village to locate a lost pet.”

The following day, Nov. 12, Chuck wrote to his network of email correspondents: “Sandy called us this morning as he had Curry in his cat carrier. We rushed
 to pick him up from his home on Rex Avenue. Curry is getting used to his old smells 
in our new home and seems very happy. He has lost some weight being in the
 wilds for the last 10 weeks but will regain his weight back on his old
 routine and TLC. All’s well that ends well. Happy ending indeed!! Many
 thanks for your concerns and support while Curry was on the prowl.”

Chuck told us last week that Curry now prefers to be indoors after being outdoors for 10 weeks, which included the period when Hurricane Sandy devastated some of the area. “It took all my neighbors including the new owners of our home to help me locate him,” he said. It was simply a miracle!”

After the happy ending, a certain wiseguy local journalist who loves happy endings wrote to Chuck: “Get a collar with a name tag attached for Curry!!! In addition, get a computer chip implanted in Curry.” In other words, we do not want to be running any stomach-upsetting stories about Curry in the future.