Vandal arrested

Occasionally, evil rears its ugly head in a community with detestable results. Such was the case last week when the front door of the Chestnut Hill Baptist Church was used as a billboard to prominently display to the passing community a vulgar expression of hate. Thanks to the quick action of nearby observers the culprit was arrested and we were able to quickly cover and remove the disdainful graffiti.

Our church occupies a very prominent location in our otherwise peaceful and law-abiding community. And so, we feel a special regret that the crime occurred on our property. We all know this crime was the work of one person and are convinced that this is not a reflection of our loving community. The church regrets, however, that the outside of our building was used as the backdrop to send a message that is in direct conflict to the love we preach and believe inside.

David Seip, Pastor

Chestnut Hill Baptist Church


Farmers Market improvements

I was very pleased to see the recent article on the exciting transformation at the Chestnut Hill Farmer’s Market. I applaud the Petes’ commitment to improving the Farmer’s Market. The Farmer’s Market is one of the many things that make Chestnut Hill such a magical place to live. It is part of our lives and traditions. My family goes there for our Thanksgiving turkey, our Saturday donuts, steaks for grilling, hummus for dipping and the best breakfast sausage you will ever find.

I have been a Chestnut Hill resident for over 12 years and the Farmer’s Market food has been a part of our holidays, birthday parties and everyday lives. It is always a required destination on our tour for visiting friends and family. The food is great, but the people and sense of community are what make it so magical. The people at the Farmer’s Market share our lives and history.

They know our names, delight in watching our children grow and remember your favorite foods. So, I encourage everyone to make the Farmer’s Market part of your ritual. Shop, eat and talk to your neighbors. Sit, have coffee, lunch or a snack and slow down and have a conversation. I ask the Petes’ to continue to make improvements at the Farmer’s Market but please don’t change its heart and soul. And never encourage people to come and use their laptops. Ever!

Linda Howell

Chestnut Hill


Personal attacks weaken argument

Regarding the letter of Adrian R. King Jr. (“Keep your opinions abroad,” Nov. 1) By attacking Mrs. Eleanor Morris personally, Mr. King undermines his argument and detracts from the civility of the discussion. In our view, Mrs. Morris’ opinions, not her background, are the legitimate subject of the debate over the SCH tree removal along Willow Grove Avenue.

In addition, Mrs. Morris’ letter to the Local’s editor several weeks ago reminds us how much we all owe to the Houston and Woodward families for their far-sighted and public spirited approach to the development of Chestnut Hill, which benefits all of us in this area today, including Mr. King.

Philip Price, Jr. and Sarah D. Price

Chestnut Hill


Sharing Thanksgiving

It may be going to a restaurant or … having loved ones come to your home … or going over to the home of loved ones. It will be a day of sharing. A day that comes once a year. It will aways be a day of remembrance.

But there are those who cannot be with their loved ones. They are in a foreign land far from home. They wear the uniform of our military, and those who wear the badge of law and order and those who wear the uniform of our firefighters in our cities, in our communities and in our neighborhoods.

May we pause and take a silent moment on Thanksgiving Day before we celebrate to thank them, for they are the ones who guarantee that we will always have a Thanksgiving to celebrate.

Tom Woodruff



Could not have done any better

I so very much appreciate the article about me which appeared in the Local last week by J.B. Hyppolite (“Psychotherapist in area helps strengthen relationships,” Nov. 1). Frankly, I could not have written a better one. Much appreciation.

Susan Karol Martel