by Sue Ann Rybak

All Saints Day is considered a holy day in Christianity – a day for Christians to reflect on those who lived according to God’s word and to remember everyone who died. But one local resident chose the day to make a clear but irreverent statement when he spray-painted the front doors of the Chestnut Hill Baptist Church, 2 Bethlehem Pike., around 2 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 1, with the words “F*** You.”

Chris from Lux Renovations, who declined to give his last name, was doing carpentry work on the church when the incident happened. Chris described the suspect as a white male, about 6-feet tall, thin build, wearing glasses and missing a few teeth.

The man was sitting behind the church drinking and talking to people when Chris and other workers from the Lux firm arrived.

“He kind of went off about nothing and then went on a rant and sprayed the doors and slammed his paint can down and left,” Chris said.

Lola, 50, who was walking by and declined to give her last name, said it was a shame because it is a beautiful church.

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