Photos by Pete Mazzaccaro

Early Tuesday, Chestnut Hill was slowly coming back to life. Most of Germantown Avenue still appeared to have power, though many Hill residents were lined up in front of Chestnut Coffee Company because their power was out and they couldn’t brew their own.

A drive around the neighborhood revealed many downed trees and blocked roads. Bells Mill road was blocked, as were Stenton Avenue between Bethlehem Pike and Northwestern Avenue, West Willow Grove at Roanoke, Rex Avenue, Moreland Avenue and Prospect Avenue.

Power lines are down in places and anyone travelling should be careful and expect blocked roads.

–Pete Mazzaccaro

  • chefamy

    i think you mean Tuesday pete? the lower hill has no power. the night kitchen has a lot of refrigeration….any word on peco efforts?

    • Pete Mazzaccaro

      Yeah. Guess I don’t know what day it is. Haven’t seen a PECO truck yet.

  • Sharon

    My auntie and uncle live in the house behind the tree pictured in the Roanoke photo. I’ve not been able to contact them and as I live in Scotland, I’m a wee bitty worried. I know they’ll be okay, but any news on when the power or phone lines will be restored, as I can’t find much info on the web. Thanks.x