by Pete Mazzaccaro

The annual Fall for the Arts Festival scheduled for this Sunday, Oct. 7, was postponed last week when organizers decided they did not want to contend with a forecast that called for rain. The festival will instead be held on Sunday Oct. 14.

An email from The Chestnut Hill Business Association’s Peggy Miller alerted artists and merchants of the postponement:

“After much deliberation and countless checks of weather forecasts (trying without success to find even one that says it won’t be raining on Sunday), we have decided to cancel the festival for this Sunday. We realize it’s somewhat early to make a decision like this, but our festival is now so large that logistically we need at least 48 hours to cancel bands, trash trucks, rentals, etc.”

Miller said in an email that the festival will follow the exact same schedule and feature all of the same events and participants.

See for details and schedule.

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