Parking must be bad for business

I am also no fan of the new kiosk system. I have no objections to the overall concept of paying for convenient parking in Chestnut Hill, but feel that the new system must be changed.

I am very disappointed in the recent implementation of kiosks and the 24 hour pay to park rule. I have lived in Mt. Airy for about 25 years and usually shop in Chestnut Hill several times a week.

As Jim Foster put it succinctly recently in the “Northwest Independent,” this is “the most punitive system one might imagine.” Like Foster and other letter writers, I also believe that the new system has altered how I shop in Chestnut Hill.

If I drive up to Chestnut Hill on a Saturday, park in a lot, and then decide I want to go anywhere besides my initial destination, I have to really hurry to avoid a potentially large ticket – or I forgo the extra shopping. If I go back to the lot to buy more time, it will overlap with any remaining minutes and can’t be added to the total, wasting money.

Spontaneity is gone. I go to fewer stores than I might have in the past and I know I spend less money on the Hill now.

I am also really annoyed at the 24 hour rule. This policy is almost more objectionable than the other! Who thought it wise to have more restrictive hours for pay parking in the lots than on the street, where you can park for free after 6 p.m.?

Rather than park in a lot, I now try to park on the street at night, probably taking up a local resident’s spot.

Surely these aggravating changes are bad for business.

Alex Loeb
Mt. Airy


How can Obama win the election?

Obama and his radical Democrats in the U.S. Congress pushed through a health care plan that will cost much more than planned leading to even more massive deficits. They have hindered job growth by unwarranted regulation in the energy sector. Business people are afraid to expand because of unknown expenses coming from health care, “cap and trade” and other pollution programs, and Dodd-Frank regulation.

Obama’s election campaign is based on a hate business and hate the rich strategy. Contributing nothing for the good of the country and then dividing its people by the amounts in their bank accounts is shameful. How is it possible Obama can be re-elected?

Glen Watkins
Chestnut Hill

Thanks for a great Book Festival

It was with the help of many in our generous community that the Chestnut Hill Book Festival was able to bring a terrific schedule of events to our neighbors, friends and guests from hither and yon. Inquiring minds, happy participants, eager learners were tantalized with facts and fiction, poems and slams, singers and songwriters, mystery and history.

It is also with much appreciation that we thank our very special sponsors -Chestnut Hill College, the Chestnut Hill Business Improvement District, Bowman Properties, the Chestnut Hill Business Association, Paul Roller of Flying Fish and Express-O, the Chestnut Hill Hotel, Musehouse Center for Literary Arts, Jay Valinis of Javelin Design, Jane Piotrowski Design, Chestnut Grill and Christ Ascension Lutheran Church.

Working with the Friends of Jenks School and the staff at Jenks, we are dedicated to providing support for arts, music and literacy for our neighborhood public school. In the process we enrich are own lives, too. Thank you to all who came and enthusiastically listened, questioned and applauded. Follow our Speaker Series information at and stay tuned as we begin our plans for the 5th Annual Chestnut Hill Book Festival.

Kathy Bonanno
Hugh Gilmore
Marie Lachat
Kate O’Neill
Greg Welsh