by Len Lear
Marguerite Walters, 24, is a lifelong Chestnut Hill resident who looks as if she just stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine. Very tall (5-foot-11), blonde, thin and stylish, Walters looks like the quintessential fashion model, but while she has chosen not to pursue the quixotic modeling industry, she still lives and breathes fashion.

“I have been a fashionista since I was young,” she said. “My grandmother is my fashion icon. She showed me how to dress impeccably at all times, and she always looked effortlessly chic.” And even though one would think modeling agencies would be fighting each other to sign her up, Marguerite explained, “I was more into sports growing up and played lacrosse for four years in college at the University of Virginia.”

(left)This is Marguerite’s “Boho chic” look.
(center)Marguerite shows off a CK Bradley dress, J. Crew jacket, Pierre and Harry pearls, Michael Kors watch, Ralph Lauren sunglasses and Tory Burch bag.
(right)The 5-foot-11 Ms. Walters looks great in stripes, but then she looks great in anything.

Walters is currently working in fashion for Lilly Pulitzer in King of Prussia, one of two corporate fashion headquarters in the Philadelphia area. (The other is Urban Outfitters at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.) She works in wholesale account services for Specialty Stores, which means that she works with small, privately owned stores that carry Lilly Pulitzer fashions. Quelque Chose in Chestnut Hill is one of her accounts. Marguerite has also started her own fashion blog, called Such Good Style, posting daily inspiration, obsessions and her personal style. (You can check it out at “I love reading articles related to fashion in the past, whether it’s about designers or models … I was inspired by other fashion blogs, so I decided to start my own in June of this year.”

Marguerite has been attracting big-time attention of late in the fashion industry, both locally and nationally. She was chosen to be featured in the Main Line Magazine in November as the “Local Fashionista,” and a popular national fashion blog, “Tartan and Sequins,” last week anointed her as their “Girl Crush of the Week.”

Their blogger, Alison, posted the following about Marguerite: “Literally the moment I came across Marguerite Walters and her insanely adorable aesthetic (chronicled via her blog, Such Good Style) red flashing lights that spelled ‘GIRL CRUSH!!!’ went off in my head.

“Instantly, Marguerite felt both familiar and aspirational in a way that I think only girls can comprehend. Even though Marguerite didn’t go to Miami, since I know we have an amazing Miami alum readership that will totally appreciate this, I’m going to equate discovering ‘Such Good Style’ with seeing the most adorable girl walk past you … and shamelessly turning around 180 degrees to check out her boots, jeans, belt, flawless haircut and killer tan.

“Since I was born without an internal system of social impulse control, I shamelessly do a double-take when I see a girl with great style, but I know that even socially restrained people do this when they see a great outfit.

“Our Tartan & Sequins Girl Crush of the Week is ALL about seizing the moments when you see an uber-chic girl on the street  (or internet) and think, ‘I love her! We would totally be friends!’ And … you actually ask her if she wants to go get a drink, and you hang for five hours and maybe get friendship bracelets …

“Marguerite of ‘Such Good Style’ is that girl. She is the friend your grandmother would adore but who would also be totally up for Sunday Funday. She effortlessly mixes Chanel, J. Crew and heirloom family jewelry; she’s a girl after our own hearts, and we know you’ll be just as obsessed with Marguerite and ‘Such Good Style’ as we are!”

Marguerite and her siblings grew up right off Gravers Lane and attended Penn Charter. They belong to the Philadelphia Cricket Club, and many of their teenage weekends were spent walking the avenue! They were mentioned in the Local several times while growing up for various sports accomplishments.

Walters’ own fashion icons have been Marguerite Behr (her grandmother), Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Twiggy and Victoria Beckham.

“I’d classify myself as a mixture of classic style and high fashion,” she said about her design philosophy. “Classic style is chic, simple and elegant while high fashion clothing requires self-knowledge, nerve and creative spirit. I love pairing them together in a personal and original way.”

Marguerite’s ultimate goal in the fashion industry is to go into merchandising. “I love the creative nature of this position as well as the analytic aspect,” she said. “There is a constant need to stay on top of trends and analyze the consumers, so I feel that I would thrive in this role.”

The fashionista’s dad, Robert, works in commercial real estate for CB Richard Ellis. Her mom, Joan, was a second grade teacher at Norwood-Fontbonne Academy, where Marguerite and her sibs all attended grade school.

Her oldest brother, Rob, 38, works in commercial real estate in D.C. A second brother, Brian, 36, started his own company in Philly called LawSuit Funding Solutions. A sister, Meghan, 32, works in commercial real estate for CB Richard Ellis in D.C.

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