The following crimes are from the week of August 5 to August 11.

August 5. 7800 block Stenton Ave. A man reported that while he and his wife had a dispute over his old girlfriend, she grabbed a knife. When he tried to take it away from her he cut her finger. Reported at 3:10 a.m.

August 5. 100 block W. Evergreen Ave. A woman returned to her apartment where she found a butter knife and crowbar on her bed. Nothing was reported stolen.

August 6. 8600 block Germantown Ave. Manager states that someone removed a box of frozen meat from rear area of freezer and fled in a black, two-door Chevy Cavalier.

August 7. 200 block E. Willow Grove Ave. A man returned to his home after having been gone between noon on Aug. 3 and 6 p.m. on Aug. 7. He found his air conditioner on floor under bedroom window and his bedroom ransacked. Nothing seems to have been taken.

August 7. 100 block Summit Street. A homeowner reported that between 5 p.m. on July 24 and Aug. 7, someone gained entry through a bedroom window and stole copper pipes. The home was being renovated.

August 8. Unit block W. Willow Grove Ave. A woman called police after she witnessed a man take four small packages from steps of a neighbor’s property across the street. The man fled west on Willow Grove Ave. and Southbound on Germantown Ave. He was eventually confronted by police in the 7200 block of Germantown Ave.

August 8. 7700 block Stenton Ave. Driver for leasing company states that while her car was parked overnight, someone broke into the vehicle and stole food, drinks, cigarettes and broke a Qualcomm mobile computer.

August 9. 400 block Springfield Ave. Between 5 p.m. on August 8 and 10 a.m. on August 9, someone broke the passenger-side rear window of a blue Subaru Outback sedan and ransacked its interior.

August 9. Unit block Benezet Street. Between 6 p.m. and 9:26 p.m., someone gained entry through an unlocked sun room door and stole one Satine Tennis bracelet, one gold ring with diamond and emerald, one solid gold bracelet with Aztec Links with matching earrings, one silver Tiffany pocket watch and one silver locket.

Summary – Nine crimes for week: one aggravated assault, four burglaries, two thefts and two thefts from vehicles.

If you have been the victim of a crime and would like information, service or support, call Northwest Victims Service, 6301 Germantown Ave., Second Floor, Suite One, 215-438-4410. The service is free.


  • Linda Troiani

    I am the “woman” who returned to her apartment on August 5 (it was actually Monday, August 6, 2012) and found a butter knife and crowbar on my bed. The burglars used the crowbar/tire iron and butter knife to carve out the wood in the door jamb around the locks on the back door, pushed up the chain and entered – rifled through drawers, personal items, etc. After I had a chance to calm down (police did not follow up), I noticed about $65-$70 was taken in change and rolls of quarters. Only money was taken as far as I can tell, but they also got my peace of mind and trust in human nature. I was born and raised in Chestnut Hill and I have had times where I didn’t feel safe but this is getting crazy. The police have pictures of the men robbing banks and still can’t catch them. How can we feel secure that the police can protect our person and our property. Maybe it is time to call in the big guns. Be careful and be safe!

  • Concerned Neighbor

    Does anyone know why this hasn’t been updated in so long? It’s been a month,and it used to be updated weekly. I’ve been using the “everyblock” website to see the crime for our neighborhood. I thought I read something about a bank robbery in August. Did this actually happen? I’m getting concerned that nothing is being posted.

    • Pete Mazzaccaro

      Thanks for the note. Last two crime reports were posted but not tagged properly. You should now find them up to date here. My intention is to post the weekly updates every week on Monday.