A piano mover gets ready to grab the last of three pianos lifted into the new location of Maplewood Studio today. (Photo by Pete Mazzaccaro)

Early today, Rich Rudin moved his Maplewood Studio — a school for musical instrument and voice instruction — to a space above the Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop, 8509 Germantown Ave.

In order to get three of his Cunningham pianos into the new space, Rudin hired a crane that lifted each piano into the second story window, stopping traffic and drawing a lot of interest from Germantown Avenue passers by.

Rudin moved from just a block away where he had rented space above what was Intermission since 2006. The studio is still open in at the Maplewood Mall in Germantown, where it opened in 1980.

Rudin said that he was able to make the move without much disruption to his business. He was closed with no lessons last Friday, July 27, and said he would be ready to resume lessons this afternoon.