City Controller Alan Butkovitz will speak at the next CHCA board meeting.

Philadelphia City Controller Alan Butkovitz will speak at the next board of directors meeting of the Chestnut Hill Community Association, Thursday July 26.

CHCA president Brien Tilley invited Butkovitz specifically to address the Actual Value Initiative, a proposed change in Philadelphia property tax collection that would be based on actual property values instead of the antiquated formula the city currently uses. The measure had become controversial when critics showed that the new tax threatened to dramatically raise property taxes for many Philadelphians.

Tilley said Butkovitz’s appearance was part of an effort by the CHCA to provide an opportunity for Hill residents to learn more about AVI and to ask the controller questions and get his point of view on the measure.

“Our board recognizes that this is a significant issue, and is seeking out opportunities to provide our community with both more information and a forum to provide feedback on this matter,” Tilley said.

As always, Chestnut Hill Community Association meetings are open to the public and, in this case, the public is encouraged to attend to hear Butkovitz speak and to ask questions.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the Chestnut Hill Library, 8711 Germantown Ave. Butkovitz will be given at least 40 minutes to make remarks and take questions

– Pete Mazzaccaro