PPIIN's Google Maps-driven AVI assessment map shows increases for Chestnut Hill.

by Pete Mazzaccaro

The Philadelphia Public Interest Information Network, a news website, showing the impact of the Actual Value Initiative on homes across the city.

The map is based on several assumptions. First is that the mil rate will be 1.8, a number that many expect to be the tax rate in the final council bill due by June 30. Also, the tax numbers are based on recent sales data, which assumes that home valuations will be close to sales price. Those assessments are not due to be completed in Philadelphia until the fall.

The map has filters for sales prices and Chestnut Hill has no sales below $200,000. To find the map, visit the site here.

A look through Chestnut Hill properties on the map show increases ranging from four percent increases on the lowest end to 102 percent on the high end. Many show increases of well more than 50 percent. It’s safe to say that, based on these assumptions, that Hill home owners will all see increases to their property taxes.

The Local looked at similar numbers in a story two weeks ago here.