by Pete Mazzaccaro

A group of neighbors concerned about crime in Chestnut Hill has organized a “crime summit” to be held at Norwood Fontbonne Academy at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 21. The summit is designed to provide a forum to educate and inform the community and allow residents to ask questions of police and city officials who will be in attendance.

Chris Padova, a board member of the Chestnut Hill Community Association, which is sponsoring the summit, said he and several West Moreland Avenue residents put the summit together because of a series of property crimes in their area and a concern about crime rates rising as summer begins.

They’ve invited Captain Joel Dales, of the 14th Police District, and 8th District Councilwoman Cindy Bass, and both have promised to attend.

“The purpose of the crime summit is to provide a forum where the Chestnut Hill community can express their concerns to the police and government officials and find out what we can do to help us help ourselves and the police deter crime and apprehend those who commit them,” Padova said. “What do I mean when I say deter and apprehend, I mean provide the police with the information needed so they can apprehend the criminals.”

Padova said he and neighbors on West Moreland have already met with Dales and Bass and said “some interesting ideas have come up” that he would like to see shared with the whole community.

“Each week when we read the Local, we see stories about friends, family, sports and local news,” Padova said.  “However, I’m not sure if we all know about crime in Chestnut Hill. We have seen different types of crime, from theft to burglaries and robberies to trespassing and assault  – some with guns and some sexual. It has been said that crime tends to rise during the summer months – let’s not allow this to be true in our community.”

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