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by Pete Mazzaccaro

We’ve had a busy week in Chestnut Hill. You might have missed one of our more important stories. So we’re rolling out a new post to highlight the bigger stories online this week.

Attack of the fungi: Mild winter creates problems for gardeners

Associate Editor Sue Ann Rybak talked to Arborist Ken LeRoy about common plant pests and how, this spring, they’re tougher than ever. If you’ve noticed some problems in your garden you’ll want to take a look at this.

Camped out at the coffee shop with laptops and lattes: The new local workplace

Writer Lane Blackmer hung out at the Chestnut Hill Coffee Company to gather some insights on people using the cafe to work and study. She spoke to the laptop crowd and Coffee Company management about all that free wifi and whether its being used or abused.

For Hill homes, taxes likely to rise in new assessment system

I took a look at the impending changes to the Philadelphia system of assessing property taxes and how it could impact Chestnut Hill. There’s a lot of variables involved — from mil rates to assessments — but one thing seems certain: the city needs to raise $94 million somehow and taxes are sure to go up.

Also, check out these stories:

Len Lear spends time at one of Chestnut Hill’s new restaurants, Heirloom. 

Tom Utescher reviews the impressive career of SCH Academy runner Dustin Wilson.

Columnist Hugh Gilmore considers the new film version of On The Road.

Sue Ann Rybak speaks to a Hiller who came in fourth at the National Spelling Bee.

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