Missing Susan Pizzano

I had the privilege of attending the ceremony Saturday where the Fountain Park was rededicated to Susan Ann Detscher Pizzano. It was a glorious day full of sunshine and beautiful blooming roses. While the entire crowd was busy mourning the loss of an incredible woman, everyone who had the opportunity to know Susan had a smiling heart. The world simply is not as rich a place without her.

Richard DeMaria
Chestnut Hill

What good is Barnes’ will? 

Just as I sat down to write a letter to the Local decrying what that movie notes as the “theft” of the Barnes, I turned the paper over and saw that you had actually taken on the culprits with bravado and ignored those all around as they congratulate themselves.

I wonder if a similar celebration or award ceremony is going on at JP Morgan. What this whole ordeal says is, “Why bother writing a will in Pennsylvania?”

This is the third notorious taking (kudos to the Fox Chase/Burholme Park plaintiffs) in the last five years. Is it that they feel entitled or is it really all about money, power or ego? And shame to those at Lincoln and in the “system” who participated in this “theft” for a seat on a board or two.

Darlene Heep
Chestnut HIll


On behalf of the Mt. Airy Learning Tree, we want to offer heartfelt “Thanks!” for an enormously successful 2012 Hidden Gardens Tour, held on May 19th. With perfect weather and a record-busting crowd, our annual event was filled with excitement, neighborly energy and, so we’ve heard, enormous satisfaction.

Thank you to the Chestnut Hill Local for publishing Pat Riley’s wonderful article on May 3rd, in the Garden Festival insert. Many area businesses and associations graciously allowed us to post our cards to spread the word about what is coming to be a spring season highlight here in Northwest Philadelphia.  Thanks to them as well.  And thanks to our sponsors, Valley Green Bank and Roxborough’s Secret Garden Nursery for their contributions to our success.

We would be remiss in not extending the thanks to the nine garden hosts who allowed neighbors to wander through their private Edens, to soak in all the creativity, hard work, and passion that these gardens exude.  Kudos to them all.

Now it’s time for us to begin putting together an equally exciting Hidden Gardens Tour for next year!

Eric Sternfels – 2012 HGT Coordinator
Jonna Naylor – MALT Executive Director

A different view

I’d like to offer a different review of My Fair Lady at Act II Playhouse in Ambler. My husband and I completely enjoyed it, with none of the criticisms Clark Groome mentioned in his review.

We both have musical backgrounds, have seen our share of Broadway shows, and we loved the acting, singing, dancing, staging,  the whole show. Completely. Enthusiastically.

To our eyes, Tony Braithwaite’s portrayal of Henry Higgins was even better than Rex Harrison’s and  Eileen Cella’s Eliza more believable than Audrey Hepburn’s.

We would strongly recommend it!

Janet Mather
Chestnut Hill

Show tolerance for wild animals

A rabid raccoon was found recently in the Wissahickon, but this is not a cause for fear or hysteria over the presence of wildlife in our neighborhoods/backyards. Rabies can be fatal, but more people annually die from food poisoning in the U.S. than from rabies. A nocturnal animal seen out in daytime does not indicate rabies unless the animal is acting abnormally friendly, aggressive, vocalizing or biting at itself, an object or even at the ground.

Wild animals can be chased from their day roosting places by construction crews, dogs or kids. Animals can also wake up hungry if they had a poor night of hunting; this is especially true for lactating females who need many calories to produce milk for hungry babies. A female can’t risk having her screaming offspring draw attention to their den; she may be forced to forage by day.

Putting food out during the night will attract animals to your yard.  If you wish to feed stray animals, do so during the day and bring in the food at night. Be sure to have your pets vaccinated; it is the law, and it will protect them should they have an encounter with a wild animal. Keep your pets inside, especially during the night. Do not harass or tease a wild animal. And never attempt to handle a wild animal without gloves.

I have been rehabilitating wildlife and solving human/animal conflicts for almost 35 years. I have a Pennsylvania Game Commission Nuisance Wildlife License. I know that animals fear humans and do not want to be around people. Animals are losing their habitat and being forced to live among humans.

Removing a wild animal from one’s yard never works; it opens up territory for another to move in. I advise people to show tolerance for the animal under the shed or porch because as soon as it finds a better place to live, it will move on. Respect the animals, and they will avoid you.

Brenda Malinics

Meals on Wheels is very grateful

We are so, so incredibly grateful to Barbara Sherf and Chef Al Paris of Heirloom for the wonderful Recipes of Love  workshop and generous donation to Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels. Without community support, we could not continue our mission of helping to feed seniors and homebound individuals who are unable to shop or cook for themselves. More than just a nutritious, fresh meal — there is Chicken Soup for the Soul — as we deliver meals and serve smiles! With sincere thanks and appreciation.

Lynne Mason
Executive Director
Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels


A post office ‘first’

I’ve just had a first. I went to the post office on Germantown and Hortter at 2:30 p.m. to find I was first in line. Two windows were open, and the lady at the nearest window left immediately. I stepped up to the window.

In all the years since the Post Office moved down the Avenue, I never before entered the facility when there wasn’t a long line. In fact, I say that someone from the back room counts the line, and if there are more than six people standing, they close a window. Honestly!

Maggie Wollman
Mt. Airy