by Sue Ann Rybak

Amy Bradley, of Wyndmoor demonstrates how she used a large shoebox and piece of cardboard to swoop up Legos. Photo by Sue Ann Rybak

Any parent knows getting a child to clean up the massive pile of toys covering the living room carpet is a challenge to say the least. But Amy Bradley, of Wyndmoor, tired of crawling on her hands and knees to pick up hundreds of plastic Legos scattered on her living room floor found a way to do just that.

Bradley, who used to work as an assistant to celebrities in New York for 17 years, said, “I feel like it made me efficient – you have to really prioritize. With the Toydozer I was trying to come up with a way to clean up a room as quickly as humanly possible.”

She said the Legos were “really the catalyst here.”

“I was constantly picking up a sea of toys,” Bradley said. “So, I cut open this huge shoebox and I took a piece of cardboard and swooped all the toys in. And I thought wow this is amazing. So that was it. I searched the Internet to see if there was anything selling online that was similar. There was nothing.”

When her six-year-old son Harry started using it without being encouraged, she knew she was onto something. That’s when she became determined to make it a real product.

“Kids want to clean up,” Bradley said. “It’s a clean-up toy.”

Bradley’s son agreed.

“It’s awesome,” Harry said. “It makes cleaning up fun.”

And he added “fast.”

Bradley said she started working on the Toydozer last March. After designing it and looking at various CAD drawings and, finally, finding a manufacturer, she had a product. She added she couldn’t have done it without her husband, Tyler, who used to work in sales.

“We are in this together,” Bradley said.

Tyler handles the business end and has “devoted himself full-time” to the project, she said, adding that designing a product and bringing it to production is a full-time job.

Recently, the Toydozer, which retails at $18.99, made its debut on the “Today Show.”

“It’s amazing how something like that can change everything,” Bradley said. “From the minute it aired we have been getting calls and orders, people are very interested in our product. It’s a great product for preschools. It’s turned into something that I never thought it would because I designed it for myself, and kids love it.”

For more information or to buy the Toydozer, go to For a limited time people can go to and buy it at a discounted price between Wednesday, May 23, and Saturday, May 26. Local residents can also pick up the Toydozer at Threadwell, 8617 Germantown Ave., in Chestnut Hill.