Larry Coryell, the "Godfather of Jazz Fusion", performing on the electric guitar

This Saturday, May 19th, jazz legend Larry Coryell is scheduled to appear at Chestnut Hill’s Stagecrafters Theater for a highly anticipated performance. He will perform with blues and jazz musicians Victor Bailey and Jim Dragoni. Coryell has long been known for his jazz-fusion style, but in recent years, he has added another dimension to his music in exploring other genres. As a result, his own music remains rooted in jazz-fusion while incorporating the styles of other genres to create an unclassifiable sound that is truly unique.

Texas-born musician Larry Coryell has been honing his skills on the electric guitar since his childhood. Although he originally sought to become a journalist, he later realized that his true calling was to create and perform music. When his career as a professional musician began in the 1960s, Coryell began to release strings of albums with various groups. In 1973, he formed his own band, a widely praised jazz-fusion group called The Eleventh House. Ever since then, he has been writing, recording, and performing for a wide range of audiences on both electric and acoustic guitar, and he continues to tour regularly.

Today, Coryell’s dynamic style has influenced musicians of many interests and genres. His multifaceted career has exposed him to diverse audiences and has contributed to the wide range of his interests in music. His participation in countless musical groups has helped him develop his eclectic style, which blends blues, jazz, rock, and world music, among many other genres. Fans of many types of music praise the unique sound of his songs, claiming that his solos, in particular, cannot be classified by any single genre.

The legend of Larry Coryell, known as the “Godfather of Jazz Fusion,” has not gone unnoticed. Throughout his career, his frequent tours have taken him around the United States and Europe. In fact, just a week after his May 19th show, he is scheduled to appear at the Stadttheater in Hildesheim, Germany as evidence that his career is still on fire. His exciting life and career have sparked so much interest that in 2007, Coryell published an autobiography about his experiences, titled, Improvising: My Life in Music.

At his May 19th show, Coryell will perform as part of a trio, accompanied by bassist Victor Bailey and guitarist Jim Dragoni. Although Coryell is expected to be the star of the show, both Bailey and Dragoni are also renowned musicians with well-established careers. They both specialize in blues and jazz, but like Coryell, have dabbled in other genres throughout their careers. The potential of such a powerful and eclectic trio promises that their upcoming performance will be a musical experience unlike any other.

Stagecrafters Theater is at 8130 Germantown Avenue, and the show begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are available at