Eileen Reilly when she started her job with the Chestnut Hill Business Association in June of 2010. (Photo by Pete Mazzaccaro)

by Pete Mazzaccaro

Hill resident Eileen Reilly resigned last week as the Chestnut Hill Business Association’s retail recruiter.

Reilly took the job nearly two years ago. Her responsibility was to recruit retailers to the Germantown Avenue.

During that time, the Avenue did see a gradual up tick in restaurants and boutique retailers. Reilly was involved in talking to a number of those retailers – from Hipster Home to Indigo Schuy and others.

Reilly told the Local that she felt it was time for “a fresh bundle of energy” in the position and that she would stay on to be sure to train whoever replaces her.

“I started two years ago as a part-timer but worked full time,” she said. “It feels like I’ve worked four years.”

Reilly said that although she is resigning from the job, she fully expects to stay involved.,

“I’m weighing options and looking for a way to share my talents in another capacity,” she said, “That is still to be determined.”

Overall, she said she is optimistic about the Avenue’s direction.

“I fully expect the positive momentum to continue,” she said.

The CHBA is currently searching for her replacement.

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