Wyndmoor photographer Wendy Concannon recently opened a gallery at the corner of Willow Grove and Germantown avenues.

by Paula M. Riley

The intersection of Willow Grove and Germantown avenues has become much more colorful since Wendy Romig Concannon’s gallery show opened May 3 at 8001 Germantown Ave. Running until May 29, the fine art photographer’s first solo show features beautiful images in 10 different photo series.

Her three water series – Water, Ocean and Wave – are breathtaking and include dramatic photographs that capture water, sun, light and translucency. Photographed around the world, these works have a universal appeal to anyone who connects with water, nature and art photography.

Concannon’s water series, especially the Wave Series, capture movement in water with incredible detail. In examining two different images taken at the same day in the same location, viewers witness Concannon’s ability to capture the unique experience of the sun’s reflection on the water and ocean floor.

The showcase water series piece, “Water Series No.1,” is 60 X 45 inches, and its accompanying pieces are 40 X 40 inches. Each work was printed locally by Profiles Printing, and each is mounted with a custom-made, clear acrylic frame giving it a contemporary feeling.

“When you look through the acrylic, it makes it look like it is floating,” Concannon, a Wyndmoor resident, explained. “It gives the work a luminous quality that glass doesn’t offer,”

Other works in the show include multimedia pieces in which Concannon transforms photographs using digital technology. The “Flower with Stem” series is a wonderful illustration of the photographer’s ability to explore vibrant colors, patterns and lines. Featuring a photo of a single piece of Queen Anne’s lace, this colorful series demonstrates the artist’s modern interpretation of nature.

“I like to find great colors and beauty in nature and modernize it,” she said.

It is hard to imagine, when viewing the bold and colorful images in the gallery show, that this is Concannon’s first experience in color. When her grandfather gave Concannon her first camera as a child, he also gave birth to a lifelong passion. She has been taking photographs her entire life, but all in black and white.

“It has been so much fun and playful to experience all this color,” she said.

All the photographs featured were taken within the last three years, and many have never been seen before. The more than 200 people gathered for the opening reception were captivated by the work. Concannon, who sold some pieces that evening, couldn’t have asked for a better opening.

 “I was thrilled to see so many people supporting and celebrating the opening of the show,” she said.

Guests came from the Main Line, Center City and throughout Northwest Philadelphia.

Concannon rented unfinished space in the Lorenz Building from Bowman Properties and, in five short days, created a wonderful gallery with an urban chic feel. She painted the walls white and hung all the lights. The huge floor-to-ceiling windows and corner location make it the perfect space for a gallery.

The Wendy Romig Concannon gallery show is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sundays, and from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. Visit www.wendyconcannon.com or Facebook.