Kiosks to start May 1

The parking kiosks are now on the seven parking lots managed by the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation.  Please look for the kiosk signs.

Here is general information on the new system:

• Cost for parking is $.25 per fifteen minutes.  Quarters only.

• Cash, credit cards or tokens may be used on all kiosks.  But no change is given.

• The kiosks will be operational 24 hours a day – Mondays thru Sundays.

• Customers can purchase up to four hours parking at a time.

• Customers can choose to park at night (from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m.) for a flat fee of $5.

• Tokens may be purchased at the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation office at 8426 Germantown Avenue.  The cost per token is 50 cents for a half-hour parking.  We sell them in packs of 20 for $10.

• Parking Foundation employees will be on the lots to assist you during the day.

• All revenue from the kiosks will go to the maintenance of the lots;  all revenue from parking violations issued by the Philadelphia Parking Authority will be the property of the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

If you have any further questions on our new parking system, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Peggy Hendrie
CHPF Manager
(215) 247-6696

Thanks for a great annual dinner

Last Thursday evening more than 80 community members gathered at the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill to celebrate another CHCA Annual Dinner and Meeting.

Special thanks to our keynote speaker, City Councilwoman Cindy Bass, who spoke about a variety of topics, from abandoned buildings to public schools to zoning issues, and her efforts to reach out to the community.

We would also like to thank everyone who worked on making the event such a success: Top of the Hill Café, Tavern on the Hill, Brewers Outlet, and Greg Welsh from the Chestnut Grill, along with Marianne Dwyer and volunteers from Teenagers Inc. Thanks to members of the Awards Committee: Sister Carol Jean Vale, Ann Spaeth, Paula Riley and Larry McEwen. As always the award plaques prepared by Irene Zoll and her daughter Kathleen continue to be beautiful works of art.

Thanks to the CHCA Board members who prepared the delicious desserts and helped with setup and cleanup and also thanks to Chestnut Hill Local staff member Cheryl Massaro for volunteering at the registration table.

Last but not least, I would like to thank CHCA staff members Celeste Hardester and Noreen Spota, who worked hard to organize the event.

Jane M. Piotrowski
CHCA President

Appalled by feeding of feral cats

I was appalled by Brett Harrison’s attitude and behavior regarding feeding feral cats. Throwing food out of his second story window? Placing piles of cat food in the yard? I don’t know where in Philadelphia he lives, but wouldn’t this be littering of the worst kind? Would anyone tolerate a neighbor simply tossing food scraps out the window onto the lawn?

What would keep less cuddly, cute, and wanted animals from being attracted? Would Mr. Harrison feel as kindly about skunks and raccoons? Feral cats are a problem in many places. They are a hazard to native species, carry parasites and diseases that can infect humans and other animals, can, if rabid, attack children and adults, and pose sanitary problems. His only sensible acts were to have “Mufasa” spayed and to put kittens up for adoption. I hope that Mr. Harrison would re-think and re-direct his misguided humanitarian instincts.

Ken Wissler
Chestnut Hill

A great story on illustrator

Grant Moser did a great job with his story on Chris McDonnell (“Mt. Airy animator/illustrator making a big impression,” April 19). Thank you for including such great features on the authors that were part of the Mt Airy Kids’ Literary Festival. It was a wonderful weekend, and I’m so happy you could help us to promote the artists who contributed their time.

Rose Mineo
Mt. Airy