An interior of Greene Street Consignment from the store's website

by Sue Ann Rybak

Casey Drucquer, a spokeswoman for Greene Street Consignment, confirmed that the company would be moving into the storefront at 8524 Germantown Ave., a site formerly occupied by Chestnut Hill Yoga.

Drucquer said the owner, Lynne Mastrilli, a former Chestnut Hill resident, recently moved back to Chestnut Hill.

“She loves the community feeling of Chestnut Hill,” she said. “It was just a natural progression to opening our seventh location, and we are thrilled to be here.”
In 1990, Greene Street opened its first consignment store on Lancaster Avenue in Bryn Mawr. Since then, the company has opened stores in Lambertville, Princeton, West Chester, Manayunk and South Street in Philadelphia.

“Greene Street is not your typical consignment store,” Drucquer said. “When you walk in, people just don’t ‘get it.’ – meaning that it is such a clean, bright, well-organized, boutique-feeling store, they think it is a new [clothing] store. We are very particular about the items we consign – all items need to be two years new and in excellent condition.

Drucquer said Greene Street was also a store where the term “one size fits all” really doesn’t exist.

“It makes us different from most,” she said. “We take items from ‘Gap to Gucci’ in sizes S-XL. All styles, sized, make it a one-stop shop for the mother or father in Chestnut Hill and their children. Consigning at Greene Street is very easy as well, I think people appreciate that you don’t need an appointment to consign with us. We offer a 40 percent commission on all items that are sold. So, it is a great way to make money on items you would never wear.”

So, has Drucquer ever bought anything from Greene Street Consignment?
“Of course, as a pricer at all locations, I have a hard time not buying a lot everyday,” she said. “My favorite item was a beautiful pair of vintage leather Frye boots that I wear all the time with jeans or sundresses. It’s that one-of-a-kind item that you never know what you will find every single day you walk into a Greene Street.”

While the merchandise varies from store to store, Greene Street usually carries designer brands such as Gucci, Diane Von Furstenberg, Prada, Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton, Drucquer said.

“We also get in a lot of Anthropologie, one-of-a-kind designer labels, which I personally love since the labels are usually priced high, it is such a bargain to find,” she said.

Besides obtaining merchandise from consignors, the company also purchases new accessories seasonally from wholesalers in New York, she said.

Why should people shop at Greene Street Consignment store?

“I really think people love getting a bargain,” Drucquer said. “Our items are in excellent condition. The merchandise is easy to find and organized. Not to mention when you consign with us no appointment is necessary, which is not the normal procedure.”

For those who have never shopped at a consignment shop, Drucquer said, “I would tell them to get their idea of a consignment store out of their head and ‘re-think’ what your idea is.”

“Nothing smells, everything is clean and steamed before it gets put on the floor,” she said. “We professionally tag and secure each item. Merchandise is arranged by size and style. We pride ourselves on being very organized and neat, not too bunched together and easy to look through. And all stores have changing rooms.”

The owners of Greene Street Consignment also recently opened Greene Street Animal Rescue. The shelter was “a dream for Lynne and her sister, Donna,” Drucquer said.
“It is a 14-acre farm in Chester County,” she explained. “Since the opening a few months ago, they have taken in 11 dogs, which normally would have been euthanized. Our Greene Street stores will help to fund the rescue, in addition to tax-deductible donations that we welcome from the public.”

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