Mt. Airy Art Garage thanks supporters

We would like to thank everyone for making our Feb. 23 Winter Fundraiser such a great success.

We especially want to thank our gracious hosts, Frank and Betsy Steel, for opening their home to over 70 guests. You have all brought us closer to our goal for completing the bathroom buildout at the Mt. Airy Art Garage.

We have already begun the next phase of construction while continuing to raise needed funds for its completion (support us at

Again, to our hosts, to our guests and supporters, to Saint Mad who did their world premier of the Mt. Airy Art Garage song, to our beloved volunteers, to all of our Northwest neighbors and friends, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Here’s to our opening full time…and soon!

Linda Slodki and Arleen Olshan, Cofounders of the
Mt Airy Art Garage

LunaFest benefits health agencies

The 11th Annual LUNAFEST, held Friday at the Brossman Center, was an evening of beautiful surroundings; fine food; artful, sensitive films; and socializing with a community of people gathered to support the Breast Cancer Foundation and St. Catherine Labouré Medical Clinic in Germantown, a clinic that provides primary medical care to the uninsured within our communities regardless of ability to pay the small fee.

“Thank you” hardly seems adequate to express St. Catherine’s appreciation to the Chestnut Hill Hospital, Chestnut Hill Women’s Center and Weavers Way Co-op for partnering to bring this event to the area and for designating St. Catherine Labouré  Medical Clinic as a recipient of proceeds from the benefit.

We extend our thanks also to community partners The Brossman Center, Brewery Outlet, Edwin Slogoff and in-kind donations for their generous contributions to the event.

The opportunity to work with Joanne Rosenbaum, administrative director, Chestnut Hill Women’s Center; Anne Workman, outreach coordinator, Weavers Way; Cathy Brzozowski, marketing director, Chestnut Hill Health System; Kevin Boyle; and the many volunteers, was a special privilege.  Watching the work, dedication and heart that each of these folks invested in creating an amazingly successful event, speaks volumes not only about the individuals involved but also of the spirit and caring that exists within our Northwest communities.

St. Catherine’s averages 3,500 patient visits each year. Everything from diagnostic examinations to pharmaceuticals are provided at the clinic site. On behalf of each of our patients, we say thank you to each of our benefactors and to all who attended the event in support of St. Catherine Labouré Medical Clinic and the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Sylvia Studenmund
Board of Directors
St. Catherine Labouré
Medical Clinic

Thanks Jim

I can’t begin to tell you how Jim Harris’ recent article “Hoping War between Hill and Mt. Airy can be ended” in the March 1 edition of the Local amused me. On a dreary, rain-drenched Wednesday afternoon, I read the article and actually laughed out loud several times. Never was I affected by an article like this. Thanks, Jim, for the merriment, and keep up the good writing!

Teresa Casertano
Mt. Airy

Thanks for scout story

I just wanted to thank the Local for the wonderful story on Ann Perone and her commitment to the Boy Scouts. As an Eagle Scout, I appreciate the value the scouting experience brings to one’s upbringing. And to promote scouting in the inner city is an even more important calling. It is a shame that so many  have focused on some of the misdirected policies of the national scouting organization and have blamed local scouts. For whatever out of step guidelines the scouts may have, they pale in comparison to the good that is done by these programs. Congratulations to Ms. Perone for keeping her eye on the ball and helping these young men. She sets an example for all of us in giving something back to help these young boys.

Steven Crandall
Mt. Airy

CH Meals onWheels is simply sensational

A good friend of mine, formerly of Flourtown, moved in with a girlfriend in Hatboro and lived there from June, 2010, until December, 2011. She had not planned to stay there that long, but colon cancer got in the way of her original plans. After she came back from surgery, she could no longer cook for herself, so she ordered Meals on Wheels. The people in Hatboro are nice. They are very cooperative, but the food was only fair to middling, or mediocre at best. And the quantity that she received wasn’t that great either.

In late December, my friend moved to an apartment on Willow Grove Avenue in Wyndmoor and started getting food from Meals on Wheels in Chestnut Hill. The difference is amazing. The CH Meals on Wheels price is $7 per day, for which you get 3 meals. A package of oatmeal for breakfast, a sandwich and salad for lunch, and a very good pre-cooked dinner. The food is not fair to middling. It is damn good.

They give you two containers of juice, a container of milk, a snack (like peanut butter crackers), a home-baked cookie or piece of cake, and a home-made cup of soup which is as good as the soup you get at almost any restaurant in town for triple the price. In addition to food, they also deliver a copy of the Chestnut Hill Local and Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day cards, etc., which are hand-drawn by little children.

CH Meals on Wheels is simply sensational, and I’m sure they can use some good publicity in the local paper to raise extra funds and get some extra help and maybe a few more customers.

Zelman Fairorth

Good service at J.L. Murray & Co.

Just a little note of appreciation: I would like to mention a positive experience I had at J.L. Murray & Co., 8632 Germantown Ave., recently.

I needed several pairs of glasses, and they graciously readjusted them at no cost to me, even though I am an “irregular” customer.

I thought it was very nice of them to do this service at no cost to me.

Sallie Maser
Cathedral Village