The twelve-foot rat outside the former Borders building on Germantown Ave.

by Casey Cappello

Residents of Chestnut Hill may have noticed a twelve-foot, inflatable rat located near the SEPTA Chestnut Hill bus loop at the intersection of Germantown Ave. and Bethlehem Pike. The inflatable rodent is part of a protest by IBEW Local Union 98 that began on Wednesday Feb. 22

The reason? The use, IBEW says, of nonunion electrical workers in work being done at the former Borders building, 8701 Germantown Ave. The site at 8701 Germantown Ave. is being renovated for Children of America, a daycare center scheduled to open in June

Local 98 members are targeting the site because of nonunion work being done by ESI: Energy Systems and Installation. ESI specializes in the installation of large-scale solar panels.

Local 98 workers who are picketing the site Friday, declined to comment on the protest without the presence of a union agent.

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  • Buhrayin

    Electrical Union picketers won’t explain their beef

  • Tracy

    Wait a second… You erect a twelve foot rat to make a point, are asked to comment on that very point, and while standing there all day in concert and solidarity with that point — say you can not? You need a union agent to tell everyone why you are standing there all day with an inflatable rat? Maybe next time a sheet with talking points or something is in order…. Ghez…

  • Guest

    What’s to explain? I think the message is clear.